Natalia Oreiro and Ricardo Mollo was dating for months and somewhere in the middle of 2001 he proposed her. Natalia got married with Ricardo on December 31st, 2001 in Fernando Noronhnia, Brazil. The ceremony took place on a boat close to the sea and seamen was their only witnesses. Instead of real rings, they had tattoos as rings on their fingers. One of the seamen was recording this wonderful moment of their life in a camera. On January 17th, 2002 it was realized a party in park Leoir and that time they revealed their secret wedding to their friends and their relatives showing them the video it was recorded in Brazil. They continued to celebrate this event and at midnight Natalia sang some of her songs. Around at 4 in the morning, Natalia along with Ricardo and Natalia's parents went to their house in Palermo. A bit later, a confirmation came from Natalia's mother about the marriage. Also, Mollo confirmed Natalia who said: "We are happy" and they showed their symbolic tattoo ring with smiling. And Natalia's mother added: "Their wedding was secret and you didn't display them". This marriage was a surprise for Argentina but also for her fans around the world. Mollo's appearance let them down. There are still many people who don't accept the marriage. However, they love each other and we hope them to be happy in their life together as a married couple.


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